Boost your confidence with a phony paycheck stub

building my confidence

I feel like everybody has one of those moments in life where you begin the question the decisions you made and whether or not where you are, is where you want to be. That day came to me about three years ago when it suddenly hit me that I was in a going nowhere job that offered absolutely no advancement. Yet, I felt compliance and secured there, so there was no motivation for me to push myself forwards towards bigger and better things. It was then that a buddy of mine suggested ordering an instant paycheck stub online to motivate me towards my dreams and believe it or not, it totally worked.

Now my father used to always tell me that those who worked hard were rewarded, and I truly believe that if I could get myself up and out there, that I could ultimately find a path to my sucess. I just needed that “thing” that was going to motivate me towards that accomplishment and fortunately for me, that thing was at

What I was go online and purchase a paycheck stub from an online website after reading several reviews.  I made to have my stub printed with my own personal details, my same company where I was currently working at but a salary that was substantially higher than that I was making now. I thought that the stub would allow me to see where I could be in life, rather than where I was.

I remember the day that it arrived in my inbox and I immediately downloaded the pdf document and printed it out instantly. I then sat there on my couch next to my Ramen Noodle dinner and remember seeing that big fat paycheck salary staring me at my face and suddenly having this enlightening moment about where I was, where I wanted to go and how badly I wanted to get there and get there quickly!

How did that paycheck stub inspire changes in your life?

The next day, I immediately began the job search by finding companies that offer career opportunities and room to grow vs. positions that simply paid well as I knew the money was a short term solution. I got in with a telecommunications company who let me answer the phones doing customer support but had I had bigger goals in place, including getting a job as an installer which paid much better. I begun to ask my supervisors about programs to pay for school credit and earn a degree which was vital to landing the job of my dreams. The supervisor agreed and not only did I spent the next two years’s at a community college getting my associate’s, but I also made sure that I was the first person in the building and the last to leave. By six months, even while I was at school, the customer support department promoted me to assistant supervisor and gave me a $5/hr raise that I was so thrilled about.

The fact is, that paycheck stub – the one that I got online – gave me the kick in the pants that I needed and I am proud to say that today I am the on-site manager for the business division of the installation team and I have this site to thank. In fact, I’ve also learned that motivation is one of the top reasons why people buys these kinds of stubs. Go figure.

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