Hide where you work with an instant paycheck stub

hide the fact that i work at a sleezy bar

After graduating college and before I started taking classes at the local community college, I begun waiting tables at one of those sleazy sports bar where they make the waitresses stout their stuff around for out of shape middle aged men to earn easy tips.   I won’t lie, the job brought in a nice paycheck but I was a bit embarrassed about working there. You see, I was raised in a very devout religious family who frowned against the kind of establishment that was paying my rent.

I don’t want to tell you the name of the place where I worked but let’s just say that we sold lots of light beer, hot chicken wings and had this owl as a mascot. Some people might argue that as much as I complain about the environment, at least I wasn’t a stripper, right? Well, the position still had me worried about how others including my immediate family might see it. And my grandmother had heard that I was working and making good money, she was somehow anxious to see a copy of my paycheck stub, and it was then that I knew presenting her a stub from my current place of employment might set the roof on fire!

Luckily, I found a solution quickly through the internet. I realized that a number of sites out there that allowed you to create custom paycheck stubs instantly by filling out a form which requested your name, your address, company details, etc. So, I did that and made a paycheck stub in just a matter of minutes but made sure it said that I worked for a more respectable restaurant in town but one that I knew my grandmother would never want to eat at or come to and ask for me by name. That wouldn’t have been good and it would have blown my cover. 😉

What I later expected was that a lot of people use these types of products to hide where they work and it’s a top reason to grab one.

I remember going to paystubsonlinereview.com and read up on a number of sites that could help, checked our reviews for each and went with their #1 choice at the time. I remember the first I made my order, printed it off and then showed it my grand mom and she took a minute to look at it but after a bit, congratulated me on the new position. I felt revealed and immediately put on my orange top and went back to work.

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