Making a Pay Stub Review Isn’t Easy!

A lot of times ideas are born out of necessity. That was certainly the case with me and how this pay stub review blog came to be. It’s the typically score of customer gets scammed, customer gets angry, customer decides to protect others.

You see, awhile back I was in the market for a fake paycheck stub. Now I know some people who landed on this blog and are sort of shocked that a site like this exists, are maybe asking themselves, “give me one legal and legit reason to buy a fake pay stub?”. Well, it was truly a novelty item for my circumstance. Basically I was trying to play a joke on my roommate about how much money I earned after we had this silly little debate on day which turned into a heated argument. Long story short, I started to look for fake ones online and noticed a few site that let you generate paycheck stubs.

At the time, that site (which fortunately is no long around) didn’t let you preview the stub they were going to generate for you. They asked a few questions about your name, your address, your business details, year to date pay, etc. It pretty much asked all the stuff that you commonly are asked for now. Once I submitted all my details, they processed my payment (it was credit card at that time, I believe) and within a few hours I got access to download and view my pay stub.

The first second I looked at it, I immediately didn’t like it. I wasn’t 100% sure what I was looking for, other than I was judging it against my actual pay stub, and felt it didn’t look real enough. When I complained, all of a sudden there was zero communication between me and that site. It was like they were saying, “we got your money… good bye!” I was pretty furious. I had to call my bank and deal with this huge headache or getting my money back. Back then, it was living more paycheck to paycheck so even a few dollars out of my account, for even some time, was a major hassle.

That following week I remember researching the internet for reviews on pay stub sites. All of a sudden I realized there was not much out there. Most reviews seemed like ramblings from somebody who may or may not have actually purchased a stub. I begin to question the authenticity of all of it. It was then that I started to form ideas for my very own pay stub review blog.

I actually begun to purchase real stubs from real sites using real money. I then documented everything from the second the process started of making the stub, to getting the stub, etc. I then saved all document including receipts, proof or purchase, you name it. I wanted to be sure it was all laid out on the table so nobody would be like, “you’re reviews are dishonest or unfair”.

pay stub review, proof of pay stub review, review, review of
A photo of a note and receipt from, one of several sites I have reviewed. Honest and legit reviews only; my promise.

Stubs were bought and reviewed from many more sites including and among others. I try to monitor each site, often daily, and adjust reviews accordingly as some sites improve how they operate or lower scores as some sites get worse. Believe it or not, I have seen many changes throughout 2018 alone.

Do Sites Know it is you, and treat you special?

I get asked this a lot. When I first bought my first set of stubs, I paid for everything using my cart and like a dummy I started to put copies of receipts on the blog showing my name and address! That was not smart. Eventually when I would order more from the same site, I noticed site owners would look out for me and treat me better than some customers. It was just odd how some customers were telling me how difficult a particular site was to work with and how I never experienced the same.

Lately, what I’ve been doing is having friends and family help me out. I give them some money and have them order stubs for me, on my behalf. This forces sites to treat me like any other customer. I have also started to blur out personal information on receipts, so not to track any of this back to me.

Can I learn a review of pay stub site?

We allow anybody to leave personal feedback on any review I have written. You have my opinion and also the opinion of others. At the end of the day, none of the customer reviews are backed with proof or receipts, order confirmations, anything proving they actually bought something and aren’t lying. A lot of times you will see site owners come on here, trying to leave fake feedback to bump up their score. I have debated highly about removing the ability for customer reviews but currently it is available.